We’ve now been away from Sully for a whole week (The longest separation ever!) And we have a whole other week until we get to see him. :(

We are having tons of fun in Europe though! We saw this scene lots in Amsterdam with dogs in the front bucket of bikes being chauffeured by their humans. I totally want to get a set-up like this for Sully! I took a terrible photo, but this was a grown up and puppy GSD riding together. So cute!

My ham-some little pup <3

A tiny bit of tongue for TOT

Sully turned 2 last weekend! He got lots of presents and treats.

Reposting this dapper pup for #NationalBowTieDay.

TBT - When Sully was a tiny puppy visiting (great)grandpa for the first time.  He doesn’t even come close to fitting under this chair anymore. :(

Sully seems to like his new bed! At first I thought I was making it a bit too big, but I was forgetting he’s 3 ft long.

Sully prefers to have the whole bed to himself.

Magic corgi reading stickers!

My mom works at the library and brought me these awesome stickers! Now I just have to figure out what to do with them.

Hanging on the patio!