Reposting this dapper pup for #NationalBowTieDay.

TBT - When Sully was a tiny puppy visiting (great)grandpa for the first time.  He doesn’t even come close to fitting under this chair anymore. :(

Sully seems to like his new bed! At first I thought I was making it a bit too big, but I was forgetting he’s 3 ft long.

Sully prefers to have the whole bed to himself.

Magic corgi reading stickers!

My mom works at the library and brought me these awesome stickers! Now I just have to figure out what to do with them.

Hanging on the patio!

Sully had a great time at Bark at the Park on Friday! It was a great game too, with a walk-off home run for the A’s to win.

TBT - When Sully got to be best buddies with our adorable foster dog Cosmo.

Cosmo is a cuddly sweetheart, but needed a quieter spot than we could offer in San Francisco, so he moved to a new foster a few months back. He’s been doing great there and is up for adoption:

Sully is very excited that his parents got engaged this weekend! 


The boys in their dino costumes! Happy Halloween everyone!! 

Check out these dinosaurs!

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