Dogfest is one of our favorite dog events in San Francisco, and it’s coming up this Saturday! We took Sully last year and had the best time, and we went the year before we had Sully and had tons of fun seeing all of the different breeds. There were a decent number of corgis there last year, but Sully was most excited about the big dogs, like this adorable Bernese Mountain Dog we met last year.

Hope to see some other corgi friends there!

This is still one of my favorite pictures :)

Such a serious baby face, and those tiny little eyebrows!

Tongue out in the sun!

It’s finally Friday!


WE HAVE SOLD 15 SHIRTS! There is only 12 days left to meet our goal!!




My Face is on a sweatshirt! It says FRAP like a corgi on the back. 
Half of proceeds to my local shelter. Half to me! Buy a shirt, and/or sweatshirt, and show your friends! We have a limited time and a hundred to sell! GREAT COLOR TO WEAR WHILE U WALK UR DOG!


Corgis (and a few other breeds of dogs like Scottish Terriers) FRAP their whole lives. FRAP is an acronym, customarily standing for Frequent Random Acts of Play, and more scientifically known as Frenetic Random Activity Periods.

So the shirt says to FRAP like a corgi!! How cool is that?! Comes in sweatshirt, long sleeve, short sleeve… and athletic! Orange, orange, or orange - a great color to wear while you walk your dog!

Ordered x2! Love this design & color!

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Working from home with the corg is the best thing ever.

Watching birds at our favorite park.

City corgi.

This is a top contender for Sully’s album cover. Now he just needs to record an album. 

We miss this fluffy goofball around here! Cosmo went to his (hopeful) forever home a few days ago, and the house is super quiet without him.