Sully had a great time at Bark at the Park on Friday! It was a great game too, with a walk-off home run for the A’s to win.

TBT - When Sully got to be best buddies with our adorable foster dog Cosmo.

Cosmo is a cuddly sweetheart, but needed a quieter spot than we could offer in San Francisco, so he moved to a new foster a few months back. He’s been doing great there and is up for adoption:

Sully is very excited that his parents got engaged this weekend! 


The boys in their dino costumes! Happy Halloween everyone!! 

Check out these dinosaurs!

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From our July 5th BBQ at Chrissy Field. The bridge is hiding back there!

Freshly bathed booty

Sully balancing one of our homemade treats on his head last year.  

Home Made Dog Treats: First Attempt


sunday i made some pumpkin dog treats for machete.  pumpkin is good for keeping stuff regular and less gooshy (“stuff” in this content means all of the dog poop). and so far, i think they’re a hit! (recipe after the break)


note how much machete would rather be nomming a biscuit right now than modeling it?  yeah, he’s not amused.

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Everytime I want to make these treats I go dig up this post so I’m finally reblogging so I can have the recipe handy. Sully is crazy about these treats and I love that pumpkin is the base.

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We met Megan, Ed!, and Jiggles at NorCal Corgi Beach Day last weekend! So exciting!

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Excuse the blurry photos, but these are Sully’s all time favorite dogs (at least from my view on the morning walk shift).

The black lab in the first photo is Molly, who puts up with all of Sully’s shenanigans on a daily basis and lets him chew on her ears. They would wrestle for hours if we let them.

The Rhodesian Ridgebacks (McConney & Teo) are so gorgeous and sweet, and Sully turns into a wriggling happy ball of fur every time they show up. I personally have a huge crush on both of them.

I feel so lucky to get to hang out the with these pups every morning and their awesome parents. Dogs and dog people are just awesome!